The performance, interview and pictures turned out to be a huge success! Below is the link for snippets of my performance and the interview. Please watch and enjoy! Many thanks to my Manager, Nate Bryant and the people who came out to support me! NuDawn” - NuDawn's Performance

Club 291

After visiting your webpage, reading all of the information you had there all while listening to this amazing wonderful voice coming through my headset, I realized something.Once in a person's life something out of the ordinary happens. Sometimes it's natural and sometimes it's super~natural. I'm saying all of this to say..I believe that meeting you, I have met an Angel. Not in your physical natural self, but through you an Angel has appeared unto me in the Spiritual realm.Allow me to explain it this way. As the music played and the songs and lyrics floated through the air, I was re-reading your information. And I realized this: I found what I'd been looking for in you. It was a peace, calm, love,["soft and hard"], it was the message of; you're going to be alright. So thank you! Your hope for me has come. I "did" find what I was searching for here. I'd like to continue conversations with you through your web page and or facebook.With much warm and genuine kindness.” - Wesley
Real quick. You’ve sold me hook, line and sinker. I visited your website and got a taste of your sweet voice. I love it!! I listened to the Welcome Intro, N2 My Place and Summer Breezin’. I will be purchasing your CD. Loved your website, very professionally done. Again, much continued success!” - Devildoggs314

— Soundclick

I’m like WOW! Your sound just keeps me on smiles. All of your songs are Great!! This is your friend C.C. Lane checking out what’s new for NuDawn and I must say; you keep on keepin on! It’s so wonderful and nice to hear you sing these songs like you do. My words may not be enough to describe how much these songs make me feel. Each time I play one of your songs I can feel it are truly blessed!” - Calvin Lane
My dear Nu, good Sunday morning. I woke up and listened to your CD (as I often do). I became overwhelmed with emotion. You have such a true gift—your voice & lyrics. You have worked so hard and I am so proud of you. I know this year the Lord has really put your feet to the fire. You are in the Potter’s hands and He is molding you for great things. You will tell, write and sing about all your life’s experiences and you will touch many people. That day is coming! You never know from where your help and support will come, so always keep sharp, keep your mind and your heart open.” - Patricia Grady
First Hello NuDawn! I must say that I luv your single “Sailing” and if your CD is a continuation of what I’ve heard, I’m sure you will have a great deal of success. I’m a local promoter here in Cleveland and I’ve doing this for seven years. Most of my venues have anywhere from 100 to 300 people showing up and I also can get some sponsors both local and national depending on the venue. I hope this sounds like something that might interest you and if so, I would like for you or one of your staff to get in touch with me to see if we can't set you up for the fall or when you start touring.” - Andre
I heard your music and is it too modest to say that you are a Sade born all over again? I love Sade, so what you are putting down, you know that I love it also. Where or when can I get one of your CDs, if you have any readily available? Move over Sade, there is a Nu-Bian woman in town!!” - Justbeinghonest

— Soundclick

The Lady has skills! What can I say, the way music has turned out over the past twenty years or so, it’s so refreshing to hear a talented young vibrant voice on the music sound waves. It’s live, sexy and VERY sensual. There is a message with each word as well as the sound and I LOVE it. Thanks for the new sound from NuDawn!!! Your next song or CD should be called Back 2 Basics because that is what this is—new music with an old-skool base. See you on BET very soon and thanks again!” - Hal Thomas
I’m really impressed with your music and with your conversation. I’ve met good artists and I’ve met good women, but hardly have met the two into one person.” - Ra'Mon
I was on your soundclick website and I must say it’s very nice. I like the way it is set up backgrounds and all. Then, you give the songs, but allow people to read the lyrics and give a brief background story into the inspiration behind the song. You sound very nice and very mellow. Kem just came to Buffalo and I can see you performing in a show with him. Classy words, classy lady, good pitch and tone—yeah I’m feeling you. Let me know right away when you drop that CD. Buffalo is not prone to new stuff until two years later. I want to get my copy upon it’s availability. I love the Hold on Tight song - very touching.” - DB Hands